Friday, February 10, 2012

Oh hey there.

I passed the bar.
I started work.
I got married.
We bought a house.
And a puppy. (PUPPY!)

...and, my bloggy friends, I've kept you up to speed on exactly none of it (and I have so, so many things to say, as you well know). It may be high time for my [anti-climatic] return to blogging, no?

I must think on it a little while. In the meantime, interwebz, I hope you know that I am still just inordinately pleased with myself and this little space...I'm just trying to sort out how to make it fit my life in 2012.



Virgin In The Volcano said...

Well, look what the cat dragged in...! Good to see you, dude.

Legally Fabulous said...

oh HI! good to hear from you! glad to hear things are going well!

JD-Maybe said...

Yeah...we miss you.

LR said...


:D This made my day. I really miss your blogging. The interwebz could use some of your witty prose.


RS said...

Holy crap, please come back. Also, I've moved...this is the blogger formerly known as oh hay, it's kk. I'm semi-anonymous now.

just jenn said...

clearly we're gonna need pictures of the PUPPY! (and yay for all the other good news as well)

Amanda said...

Helloooo! Saw a click through from your blogroll and was super excited to see a new post! Congratulations on everything that's happened the past few years! :)

E. McPan said...

Why, hello there! Welcome back!

The Masochist In The Room said...

Please do!

In the least, do us newbies the favor of leaving your blog up, even if you decide to abandon it permanent. It serves for good reading - blogs like yours are chicken soup for the 1L soul.

Cowgirl in the City said...

Congratulations on all of the changes! :)Missed reading about you.

always a drunk, never a bride said...


Butterflyfish said...

oh! hey there...

Hope you're really back

BTW this blog post generated more comments than anything I've written in a year. Maybe I should take an extended hiatus too.

Michael said...

Wow... how busy have you been! :-)

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