Saturday, November 06, 2010

Law School Roundup #245 which I return from hibernation.
Seriously, guys, I'm sorry. I fell off the face of the blogging earth. I will come back, and with updates---promise. Just not today. But I promise to make an effort.

On that note, Evan Schaeffer and I are looking for a witty, charming, responsible and altogether fantastic person to start hosting the bi-weekly lawschool roundup. Is that you? Are you sure? Fame, accolades, and absolutely no monetary rewards will surely follow.

Your much delayed Law School Roundup, with love, from me (the Oct 25-Nov 1 edition):

Real Life: And Southie. And murder trials. (oh hay its kk)

Swimming with fishes: On goldfish care (Surviving Law School as a Single Mom)

The 99: You know. Islam. Superheros. Standard Tuesday. (The Reasonably Prudent Law Student)

Back When: Nostalgia for studenthoods past (New Kid on the Hallway)

Beep: Metal detectors, now for the general public (Exhibit L)

In this day and age: Scary cause its true (Luke Gilman)

Full Service: Clients are awesome (Paralegal Hell)

Finally, if you are a new law school blogger, and you're feeling neglected: do email me, and I'll gladly add you to the blogroll. Welcome to the club!


Anonymous said...

I missed you desperately! Glad to have you back!!!! :)

Kisses, Bagel

Anonymous said...

So glad to have you back! I missed you desperately!!!

Kisses, Bagel

C said...

Yay! You're back!!

Legally Fabulous said...

yay! so glad you're back!

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