Friday, November 19, 2010

From out of the ether

California Bar results come out at 6pm today, folks.
Obviously, I'm so nervous I could vomit.

Here's a piece of advice for all of you young 'uns: If you are consumed by anxiety before the bar results come out, medicating with wine might seem like the answer. And it is a great answer, at the time. The trouble comes along about the same time your alarm clock does, and heaves itself like the big ugly mess of hangover that it is right on top of your morning.

Gross. Because waiting for results didn't make me want to throw up anyway.

Further blogging to follow, when I am in a better physical, mental, and emotional state. I'm trying to get my head around all the feelings that are swirling around right now, if for nothing else, then at least to get a decent blog post out of it.

Until then, yours in the paralyzing fear of failure,



nicolle said...


that was me two years ago; i remember that stress well, and remember how little anyone can say to alleviate the stress. good luck...and enjoy that tasty wine once the results come out.

Jansen said...

Good luck with the bar and the hangover. ;)

teahouse said...

Congrats on the good result! I still remember being nervous awaiting the NY Bar results. Oh, so many years ago, but I still remember the anxiety like it was yesterday. Welcome to the Dark Side!

billig sprit på nätet said...


good luck and congratulation for your sucess

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