Friday, August 13, 2010

Law School Roundup #237

Holy crap guys, I suck.
I apologize for the way I went totally off the grid this week. There's no exciting explanation for it (and mercifully, no tragic one, either), but I completely fell down on the job. I deeply apologize. And Evan? When I find where I stashed my new email password, I will totally email you a real apology.
(word to the wise: changing passwords in your post-bar fugue state? Not a good call.)

If any of you have emailed me in the last few weeks, I have not gotten it. I am not ignoring you. I am not dead. I am just an idiot.

Law School Roundup for the week of Aug 2-7. I haz it. Gah. See it over at Beyond the Underground, with the ever-timely Evan, in like 2 days.

Hell's Kitchen: At least you know the food is hot? (Legal Ease)
MPRE: The key is to pick the second most ethical answer (Tales of a Tree Hugging Aspiring 3L)
Orientation: A sample schedule, and what to expect (law:/dev/null)
Reflections on lawyers from one just beginning (Down the Rabbit Hole)
In bed: Thoughts on net neutrality (Laura Bergus)
Totally prepared for life post-bar (Legally Fabulous)
Still Breathing:
Life after the bar exam (Paragon 2 Pieces)
Numbers: US News & HBCU (Reconstructing Law School)
Signs: View from the road (dogsburger)
Sliders: Hell is other people...on public transit (oh hay its kk)
Home: It's a strange place (Virgin in the Volcano)

Ok. More later. Promise.


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