Wednesday, July 07, 2010

With a side of flash cards, please.

Sometimes, I think I may have a tendency to feed my feelings. Not my sad feelings, or my angry feelings--but my bored, frustrated, overwhelmed feelings. Fellow bar-sufferers, are you seeing a problem here? Bar prep, with its constant looming threat of total law-fail, its all-consuming BarBri "paced" schedule* (raise your hand if you well nigh wept with joy when you were told you could take "a half day, or even a day!" off for Fourth of July), and the fact that it frequently results in interactions with law students who are exhibiting levels of crazy that usually require institutionalization, frequently leaves me bored, annoyed, and sitting in one place with nothing to do except stare blankly and crunch on a snack. Let's face it, though---carrot sticks hold little joy when you're surrounded by crazies and up to your gills in awful. Pass the junk food, please?

Anyway. Whatever this impulse is (Lack of self control? Abiding love of Cheetos? Nothing better to do? Hoping that the crunch of Doritos will drown out the panicathon going on behind me?), but I would rather not be an out of shape mess by the time the bar wraps up, so my feelings are now on a strict diet of coffee, fruit, and wine only. Vices, yes, but I need some small indulgences to get reward myself for this experience, and the post-3L budget isn't one full of massages and lovely new books. No more Bored Cheetos. No more I Don't Like Playing With Law Students cookies. No more Civ Pro is the Devil Cupcakes, and certainly no more WTF, Performance Exam French Fries.

Not that this has slowed my consumption, really. It's just pointed it in a less fried, more productive direction. Now, instead of tasting like couch potato, my feelings taste like very excited sangria.

Not a bad trade, really. Excuse me while I go bury myself under an avalanche of evidence cards. I apologize in advance for the slackerific posting regimen that is going to ensue over the next 3 weeks.

Also, the weekly Law School roundup is here. Enjoy!

* Pace of maniacs, insomniacs, and crazy people, clearly. Is anyone else actually finishing this? I am not.


Brittany said...

I am not finishing the "paced" program either. I'm keeping up on most of it, but it sure isn't all of it. I'm convinced the only people who can are hopped up on meth or some other illegal stimulant, and never have to eat or sleep. My food intake has also increased exponentially in just the last week. I wont even disgust you with a run down of what I've eaten in the last hour.

I like the idea of coffee, fruit and wine. I might copy that. I have a sad bottle of wine in my fridge that has been waiting to be consumed since this never-ending Hell started.

adele said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who finds that MBE drills cry out for snacks.

You don't want to know how many bags of tortilla chips I've eaten in the past month.

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