Friday, July 09, 2010


The Journal secretary is on my back for things that are a fat load of Not My Problem, today's practice test is going horribly, and bar prep makes me want to cry. I would add more content, guys, but it's my lunch break, and I miss sleep and not-panic just enough that a solid 10 minute reflection on the state of things might precipitate a total meltdown.

Yeah, I'm totally a grownup over here.

But how's your day going, Internet?


  1. Suckity suck. I want to say something encouraging like "But you're so close," but I feel like that would not ring true when you're up to here in it...even though it is!!! One day at a time, you'll get through.

  2. i have done next to nothing to prepare for this shit. I am seriously considering putting it off until November and trying to get my life together sometime between now and then.