Thursday, July 15, 2010

Law School Roundup #233

Welcome to Law School Roundup #233, dispatched from the bar prep cave. Ooooh, 1Ls. 2Ls. It really is worse than they warned you about.

Snacks: The evil genius of Chef Boyardee (On a Whim)

Pick a side: Cursory observations on politics and law school (My Legal Fiction)

All work and no play: The value of law review (i don't wear skinny jeans)

This week in BarPrep: Seriously, though, don't take a drink from a guy named Defendant. (a bit bedlam)*

PSA: Words of advice to friends & family of the bar takers (not this week, but still wise) (Third Tier from the Top)

Direction: Why prosecution? (Really? Law?)

Thoughts for the OLs:
Student loans in bankruptcy (Paralegal Hell)

Tweet, tweet: BarBri twitter roundup (

Ugh. I deeply apologize for the lack of blogging. There is so. much. good. material...and yet, no freaking time. Good luck and godspeed to the rest of you all. This is miserable.

*This material has been making the rounds for a while and is without an original source citation. If you're it, let me know, so I can give you proper credit and buy you a drink.


just jenn said...

I'm still trying to figure out when, not how, but when, i will be able to incorporate "burn the witch" into an essay. At this point, it may simply be a random header to alert the bar grader that I am an Idiot. :) best of luck!

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