Monday, July 19, 2010

In other recent news

Next week's Law School Roundup will be hosted over at the Blawg Review, a site which, despite its inherent awesomeness, has somehow escaped my notice up until now. Look for it there next week. Expect great things!

Further updates to come, as I transition out of the law-student blogging world, and into the Real Live Lawyer world. Site redesigns, new directions, and other crazy parties, oh my! (TBD after the bar)

Also, I'm going internet (mostly) dark this week before the bar exam. I've got a few prescheduled posts that will go up, and if I start to lose my mind and really need to write something about that, you'll see it. Otherwise, I'll be scarce in these parts. I really am sorry about that---this big ole mess of feelings that I am feeling over here makes great blog fodder, and I feel somehow as though I am abandoning you all for not posting---but I really would like to pass this thing, and I'd hate to have to admit that the reason I didn't was because I really needed to post my diatribe about people on the bar exam who keep breaking into other peoples' houses to take things that (whoops!) it turns out don't actually belong to them.

There is no answer choice for "felony stupid."

So, if your emails are getting left out in the cold, or your comments aren't appearing, I'll get to them, I promise. Unless you are one of those characters that is still having a hard time playing nicely in the comments section. Seriously. Mind your manners, or I will take away anonymous commenting entirely, and then you'll have to start your own blog to explain all the ways in which I am wrong.

To my fellow bar-takers: You were strong enough and smart enough to get to this point. Now, on the brink, it hardly feels helpful to be reminded that you get to take the bar, but you do. It's a (sick, miserable, total unpleasant and absolutely sadistic) privilege and a hazing ritual. Twenty-some odd years of education and countless hurdles later, you have earned the right to stand before your state's bar and demand entrance--this is the final sprint. You have faced, cumulatively, harder things than this---and if you have not, some day, you will. Three (or more) years of law school may not have prepared you academically for this moment, but it has given you three more years of toughness. You are strong enough to get through this. As one wise commenter mentioned (and as bears repeating): you won't die. You will rise to the occasion. Good luck! I'll see you on the other side.


Nathan said...

Godspeed! That's about all I have.

Sharklord said...

A Thought: You can plan to just fail the bar.

Then all you have to do is worry about the terrifying number of people who unfortunately *pass* the bar every single year. Those poor souls who no longer have any excuse but to go on and enter potentially rewarding careers in legal and non-legal fields, have lives, start families, etc.

For the Feb. 2010 VA bar, 3 out of 4 UVA students were condemned to success. That could, if you're not careful, be you.

So no worries, in a similar way to how the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy instructs you to fly (throwing oneself at the ground and missing), the key to success is to fail at failing. =)

Good luck! Or bad luck, depending on your perspective.

lawschoolwife said...

Good luck!! Do whatever you need to do to keep calm/keep your wits about you, and we'll see you when you're back!

Legally Fabulous said...


:) just kidding.
good luck!

Jansen said...

Good, good good goooood luck and chocolate-glazed brownies!

JD-Maybe said...

I hope your exam dates are as tolerable as possible. I absolutely love your philosophy about being able to take the bar, it was actually quite touching. You are right and you are on your way to great things. I can't wait to hear your adventures with the real law world. Thanks for all of your influence, advice, and stories all of which have kept many of us sane and laughing through this tedious journey.

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