Sunday, June 06, 2010

Is there anyone out there?

Ok, so in a standard-me summer move, I dropped off the face of the earth coming into finals, and took a solid two weeks to even marginally recover from that experience.

There was so much bloggable material in there, guys, and I just. couldn't. find. the time to write it all down. This is how you know I'm overbooked: when I don't even have time for my favorite methods of procrastination. Also, if you're a new reader, you should go back and read me as a 1L. I was much funnier then.

I hate "this is my life" roundup posts, because, honestly--a summary? Come on now. Still, let's catch you all up, shall we? (Most) of these highlights will get their own blog post later, but it hardly seems fair to leave you out of the loop.

America's Next Top Model ended...and I still have no idea (a) who won, and (b) who won the fantasy league. Epic Blog Fail. I know guys, I'm sorry. Someone out there is owed a belated prize package, and it will be coming. Also, so kind of "sorry I suck at this" bonus for your patience. I promise to have my act together on this by next weekend. I am honestly consumed with Catholic guilt about this, and really do apologize.

(goodbye, last loyal reader)

Then, I took 19 units in my last semester of law school. I don't know what my problem is, either. It was awful. My thoughts on that experience may eventually follow, and seriously--I feel kind of like an ass for missing out on such excellent blog fodder, but c'est la vie. It was awful. Don't do it.

The Journal of Fun & Wonderment, several typos and one (who are we kidding? many) hysterical crying jag later, is done. DONE DONE DONE. Proofs are signed, covers are running through the printers as we speak, send me my bound copy and don't read it too closely: DONE. I am too exhausted to be thrilled, but signed the final proofs today with a mix of relief and paranoia. More blogging on that to follow.

Oh but hey, I'm still writing this summer. Obviously. One paper which is almost ready to be circulated to the journals, another which is still in need of some heavy editing. You can thank my raging case of "bites off more than she can chew" and my two manic advisers for this particular epic. Suffice it to say that The Paper of Which We Do Not Speak (previously featured on this blog as "The Bane of My Existence" and "Oh Shit I May Actually Never Finish") grew up into a piece of work that my 4th Amendment wonk adviser characterized as "sophisticated" and "worth serious academic consideration," so we are working together this summer to make those 22,000 words (OW OW OW THE PAIN) into something that doesn't footnote to "ECPA says this somewhere." Smart ideas: Check. Research: Check. Imbecilically relying on my own knowledge, rather than just looking it up the first time around? Checkity check check. I am both stoked about the potential for this project, and loathe to revisit the topic. Harumph.

Anyway, they totally gave me a diploma. Which was amazing, and emotional, and incredible. And then I cried, because that's what I do when they play the alma mater. NoSchool doesn't just play the alma mater, they pipe it through every speaker system in the tri-county area for a three day period, so there was lots of crying. And I will blog about this, in a totally not-timely fashion. But seriously, 2Ls? It's worth it to go to your graduation. Don't skip it. Even though the academic garb is designed to make you look like the lead munchin.

We did it!

And then, I tried to move my entire life out of my apartment in 3 days. And the Socialite and the Child Genius and Darwin and my family swept in a rescued my sanity, packing like whirlwinds, stowing all the assorted detritus of my law school life that I don't really need but couldn't cope with packing or throwing away, and staying late into the night drinking silly cocktails, giggling, and telling campfire stories on my empty living room floor. For this, they should all be nominated for sainthood. I am phenomenally blessed to have them in my life.

And then I planted myself at Darwin's for a few days. After several weeks of running around like a maniac, I was so glad to spend the week before bar prep started just reconnecting with Darwin, who has been a hero through this law school experience in so many ways. We did a lot of the fun, relaxed things that we hadn't had time for in the months prior- a sweet last hurrah before I headed back home for bar prep: grabbing a beer with old friends, tooling around town, and just generally enjoying the summer and each others' company.

And then, refueled, Darwin & I trekked into the wilderness. And didn't pack sunscreen (thank you, German and Irish ancestors, for that charming memento of the trip). We went on a deceptively long hike to the lake and bonded over the challenge, oohed and aahed at the wonders of a national seashore, and made some new friends. It was a perfect (and perfectly lovely) day. This hodge-podge post is not an appropriate spot for the long-overdue post about Darwin's amazingness, and the sweetness of being able to spend a special weekend just the two of us, but take it from me, Internetz: it was fantastic.

And then we went here:

...And Darwin, man of infinite good sense, asked me to marry him. And I said yes. (Actually, in the interest of journalistic integrity, I said "REALLY?!?!?!" and then I said yes. But he got the general idea).

If I'm still glowing now, it's not just the ring or the sunburn. I'm not usually so sugar & spice in my blogging, but the last few weeks have made me intensely aware of how fortunate I am--t0 have the love and support of the friends that I do, to have found someone that I am so intensely happy to grow old alongside, to have gone to a school that, deep in my bones, I will always love, and to have graduated with the support of a hilarious, crazy, fiercely loyal bunch of people that my life would be incomplete without.

I'm in a good place--we're in a good place. And I can't wait to tell you about this crazy journey as it unfolds.

(And that, Internetz, is why I had to write you a summary. Because I just couldn't bear to wait any longer before telling you).


Tree Hugging 2L said...

Congratulations on the engagement!!!
That's so awesome.
Your lack of America's Top Model updates is now officially excused. :)

idwsj said...

Well hot diggity. You're a busy bee, but a busy bee in need of congratulations. WOOP WOOP!

Amanda said...

Here! I'm here :) and HOLY CONGRATULATIONS Batman!! What a jam packed few weeks you've had. Congrats again!

lawschoolwife said...

UMMM. OMG!! Congrats!! I was already impressed, with the graduation (yes, I COMPLETELY agree with ALWAYS going to graduation ceremonies!) and then I was like engagement WHAT?!

Congratulations :) What a beautiful place, a beautiful story, and a beautiful beginning to a beautiful life :)

(No. I'm not sentimental at all. Why do you ask?)

ohhayitskk said...

I am SO HAPPY for you. I actually just squealed, both because of the engagement and because you are one of the only people I trust to blog about wedding stuff with just the right amount of disbelief and cynicism.

Sharklord said...

Congrats!! That's definitely the best way to end a trip through the woods and to a scenic mountaintop.

adele said...


Brittany said...

I found you through Amanda's post. Congratulations!!! I'll be sure to browse more of your blog the next time I procrastinate :).

fairlytypical said...

OLD NEWS!!! jk obviously! yay for you once again even though I have told you this multiple times online and in actual life.
Dinner this weekend perhaps? We were too tired to cook Sunday and on the way to Safeway just decided to stop at a Mexican restaurant we'd spotted a few times before. The break from imminent death made us decide to go out to dinner once every weekend. You should join us some time.

Butterflyfish said...


just jenn said...

well, i'm late to the party, but yeah! happy graduation and happy darwin and happy bar studying (fun, isn't it?). maybe i'll just say Happy for you and that should cover it.

C said...

I was secretly reading your post on my blackberry at work and I got all teary eyed, (what is wrong with me?) Congrats! I love a happy ending--or more appropriately a happy start!

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