Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm putting this in the "Win" column

Tonight, instead of doing my BarBri homework, I got drunk with a local (German Shepherd-loving) attorney, a formal pro athlete whose name I forgot, and a woman who trains police dogs ("I had the most interesting date last night--- a woman who actually works two jobs." Ten points and so much blog love if you get this reference).

So yes. It's been a productive evening, thankyouverymuch. Chillin' with my homeboy Erwin tomorrow. Con Law. Le sigh.


Anonymous said...

Oh, those stuffy pro athletes... they're so formal.

ImNobody said...

And with a little more wine, he would have been a formal poor athlete.

Drunk spell ftw!

Justin T. said...

*cut to picture of Henry Winkler mug shot*

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