Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Love This Man, Part 543

: So, what have you been up to today?
Darwin: Watching the Food Network and looking at plans for barns. I want to build a barn.

...It's important to plan ahead, you see. The real question, Darwin, is this: will there be room for the goats in the barn?


fairlytypical said...

The more important question is where is this barn going? Are you guys gonna buy a farm or something? Or just build a barn in a normal backyard? I think we call those sheds.

Although, I can see you being a farmer I think. Back up plan? I think a viable one.

Also, if a farm is in the works can you ask him to build stables on this farm so I can buy a horse and keep it there? I want to go riding and be like Betty Draper. All the 1960s class and alcohol minus the adultery and child like inability to deal with reality. Definitely the alcohol part.

ImNobody said...

That's the plan (a farm, that is). He would make such a good gentleman farmer, and I think we all know that I aspire to be the Pioneer Woman.

I am also dabbling in winemaking, which would really help out your Betty Draper escapades. Your horse is welcome to hang out with my goats anytime (obviously, if one has a farm, and a garden, and a fantastic wine cellar, one must also have one's own organic goat cheese to eat. With crackers.).

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