Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A drop in the bucket

Made my first (infinitesimally small) student loan payment today. It turns out that I forgot to defer one of my loans? Go freakin' team. It felt good and disgusting all at the same time.

Then I failed my practice MBE. Spectacularly, flamboyantly, serious-reconsideration-of-life-choicesly, failed it.

What I'm trying to say is: my loan debt is enough to purchase a modest house, or a very very nice car, and all I have to show for it is three years of blogging, 20 pounds of fat and 200 pounds of books, and a laptop that is very much the worse for the wear. Contracts? Property? We took those? It all fell out of my head this morning, at approximately 8:10 am (this was between the "Where the hell do I find my BarBri number?!" and "Where the hell are my keys?!" freakouts, respectively).

I also: Nearly got run over on the freeway, got stuck in traffic, snapped at my brother, ripped a pair of shorts, and cried a fair bit out of self pity. Standard No Good Very Bad Day things.

And then the lady next to me at BarBri started (graphically) describing her contractions in class. No, not like Schoolhouse Rock. I am sure that childbirth is worse than the bar...but I'd rather not have the full illustration, thanks.

Oof. Time to go to bed and start over.


Virgin In The Volcano said...

Oy. Hang in there.

lawschoolwife said...

All of my student loans are in repayment as of last week. It's only say, a low-end Honda Civic, but it's no fun anyway. Funny that you also compare your student loans to a car. That's what I do, too. And, as student debt is apt to do, I cannot afford a new car, which I desperately need, because of said student loan payment. Grr.

Anyway. Sorry your day sucked. Have a little wine with your whine, you deserve it :)

Lauren said...

Ah. Hang in there--I understand all too well. I compare my student law debt to various items all the time, but typically its against the nonexistent future salary at the moment.

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