Tuesday, May 04, 2010

This is it?

Last final of law school today.

It's been an epic 5 day stretch--this morning will be the 4th final since Friday, and every one has been a mind bender. Sadly, this process has taken so much out of me that I'm losing the ability to sit and write about my thoughts (much less offer any words of wisdom to the 2Ls and 1Ls out there).

It's weird to be almost done. I'm conflicted- relief, guilt (Seriously, guys. My last final of law school, and I started my outline last night. Three years of telling myself "next time I'll be ahead of the game," and this is how I wrap it up?), joy, nostalgia, you name it. Oh, and sleep deprivation. And I have Redbull in my veins instead of blood.

So there's that. I don't feel done, but maybe that emotion comes later (like next week, when I wake up with nothing hanging over my head). I just feel...tired, and nagged by a lurking feeling of "What's next?"

Homestretch. Final, and then a paper, and then sleeping blissfully for a few days, floating in and out of a champagne haze. Then we'll sort out what's next. Sound like a plan? Ok, then.

Think smart thoughts about the proxy rules for me, guys!


SillyLittle said...

I remember not feeling "done" after finals either. In all reality, you probably won't really feel done until you have taken the bar and found out you passed. It's the last thing that hangs over your head .... until Oct or Nov. Congrats on finishing law school!

Eliza said...

I hear ya. I just finished my outline for a final in 1 hour. A 2-hour class and I come up with a 50+ page outline.


Michael said...

Yeah, finishing law school tends to be a huge anticlimax - at first, anyway.

But the feeling sinks in beautifully after a few days and there's nothing quite like it! :D

Anonymous said...

Great post. Reminds me of those days! I needed to take a break from my law firm logos and I needed a good laugh so thanks. Wishing I was back in law school. Kinda.

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