Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Please Send Chocolate Espresso Beans

As previously previewed in yesterday's forlorn "oh please let me still be a nerd" posting, I have an epic amount of work to do. I have no idea what crazy place I got myself into this semester, but it can only be interpreted as a Very Bad Choice.

Non-law students, listen carefully: This is a dangerous time for you. The law student you know and (usually) love is malnourished, grouchy, and overworked. Tread with caution, and, for all of our sakes, please maintain your sense of humor. There will be a time in the not to distant future that you can mock us all about the time we cried because you accidentally brought home decaf.

1Ls & 2Ls: You may, as I was, be overcome by nostalgia in your final semester of law school. This may cause you to, say, enroll in what can only be classified as "a crazy person amount" of units. Please fight this urge. Your non-law student cohort (see above) will thank you for it later.

Without further ado....This is the To Do List, Spring 2010 Version (Subtitle: Seriously, They're Lying About 3L Being Easy, Those Rat Bastards)
1. 35 pages on linguistic ambiguity and the interpretation-construction distinction: DONE. Ninja kick! I win!
2. 40 pages on RICO & white collar crime: Due in 24 hours. Unspeakably awful.
3. 45 pages and counting on cell phone data tracking: Due: Last Semester. Current Status: Still writing. What. Is. Wrong. With. Me. This is the paper of which we do not speak.
4. 1 Fed Tax final: 4 units of "Please make it stop," to be unleashed next Friday. No, TurboTax is not permitted. I checked.
5. 1 Fed Courts final: Take home. If this does not strike fear into your heart, you clearly have never taken a Fed Courts class.
6. 1 Mergers & Acquisitions final: Which would go more smoothly if I could fight the rising sense of panic. Why I am taking M&A? No one is merging. Or acquiring. Except me. I am merging right into my office chair, and I am acquiring a migraine. Blurg.
7. 1 Bankruptcy final: Ugggggh.
8. Beat authors into submission/send out issue 2 of Journal: British authors are assholes. You heard it here first. 90% done. 10% crazy.
9. Issue 3 of Journal of Fun & Wonderment: Re-read. Send far, far away to the printers. So close.

Sometimes, it just helps to air the "life is so hard for me" laundry list, no?
Done on May 4th. Please send coffee/margaritas.


Hungry Girl said...

This happened to me. At the time, I was thinking I wanted to get my money's worth. Your "beware of 3L nostalgia" post is a public service.

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