Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Law School Roundup #221

Welcome to Law School Roundup #221.

Without further ado:

And also: On poodles, and blogging (oh hay, its kk)

31 Flavors: What kind of law blogger are you? (Law Actually)

Volumes: Seriously, people. All we do is write. (Virgin in the Volcano)

Hell: Law school nemesis (My Legal Fiction)

...is other people: an open letter to customers (The Corner in the Middle)

No Pressure: Listserv guilt (That's Relevant)

Zombie Law: An improvement on Corporations ((In)Sanity Souffle)

Look for next week's roundup at the Legal Underground, and then back here again in 2 weeks. If you want to be added to the blog roll, but don't see yourself up there shoot me an email and we'll get you on the wall of dis-honor. Or email me anyway. Even if you're bored in class. Especially if you're just hanging in there. I love emails.




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