Monday, March 15, 2010

You Wanna Be On Top? (Yes, yes you do)

It's that time again, kids.

The newest season of America's Next Top Model began last week, and with that, puppies began frolicking through fields of cupcakes, and every little kid got a unicorn.
Yeah, it's that good.

Anyway, Internet, Roommate and I are going to let you in on an age-old Nobody Household tradition: Fantasy Top Model. Because let's be honest- March Madness can only hold my attention so long when Nigel "SexyPants" Barker beckons.

Want to play?
(Answer: OH YES)

Email me (butnothanks at, or comment to this post with your top three girls, in order (you have till 9pm EST on Wednesday to make your picks). Then, pat yourself on the back, because you're officially enrolled in the greatest event of this semester.

Here's how it works:
Pick your top 3 girls, and rank them from best to worst (so, #1 is your projected Next Top Model, #2 is the runner up). You get points for your girls' performance, and player with the most points wins fabulous prizes, bragging rights, etc.

You get points:
1. If one of your 3 is called first at judging. (+1)
2. If one of your 3 wins a challenge. (+1)
3. If one of your 3 is Tyra's Special Inspirational Story Girl (see, e.g., homeless trannies, girl who was run over by car, etc.) (+1)
4. If any one of your 3 makes it to the next round (+1)
5. If you correctly guess any one of the top 3 (in the correct spot) (+3 per girl).

You lose points:
1. If one of your 3 is in the bottom 2. (-1 per girl)
2. If one of your 3 cries (no, once they're eliminated, they can't lose you any more points). (-1)
3. If one of the judges mocks/imitates your girls. (-1)

Depending on who participates, scores & summaries will be posted after the episode. Alternatively, I'll email them out, and we'll all revel in how completely awesome we are. Inspired by KK, I'm also embarking on an "I Watch Top Model So You Don't Have To" expedition.

There will be some sort of prize for the winner. Novices and experts are both welcome.

Seriously. Do it. It's the best.


IbisCaraib said...

After giving this way too much thought, here it goes:

1. Gabrielle
2. Simone
3. Ren

Although I’m routing for Naduah, Raina, Alexandra and Tatiana…

Whitney said...

After procrastinating on my personal statement for this..

1. Gabrielle
2. Brenda
3. Naduah

ImNobody said...

In the interest of transparency, I picked:
1. Raina
2. Gabrielle
3. Anslee
I was on the fence about Naduah. I have a feeling that's going to come back to bite me.

Roommate picked:
1. Gabrielle
2. Naduah
3. Raina

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