Thursday, March 04, 2010

Seven recent news items that I should be blogging about

1. One of my professors just added me as a friend on Facebook. This makes one of us awesome. I am not sure which one.

2. You know what love is? Love is calling the DMV for you, and navigating that horrible touchtone disaster. Thanks, Darwin.

3. The Journal of Fun and Wonderment elected my successor. He looks frightened already. He should be.

4. Prof. Fed Courts has this amazing Stop Now I Hate You look that I have been trying to duplicate. She is my professor doppelganger, and I am certain that if I just try hard enough, I may be able to milk these similarities and someday become 20% as awesome as she is.

5. Sputnik the rat learned to swim. He does not like it, one little bit.

6. I still have a job! Work Hard, Play Hard, LLP has not fired me yet. That has to be a good sign, right?

7. Top Model starts next week. HELL to the yes.

More later. I promise to elaborate if you promise to bring wine.


Brandon said...

I wish some of my professors were on my Facebook, but then again I might forget they were on my friend list and accidentally put them in a status update and, well, I'll be a bad joke on Lamebook.

lawschoolwife said...

It's crazy to me your professors can friend you on social networking sites! I remember sitting in class sophomore year and a professor announcing that he was sorry he had defriended people and ignored new requests, but our university sent out a memo saying that social networking was inappropriate fraternization. I wonder if it's the same at the university's law school? Hmm!

Also, I'm pretty sure YOU are the awesome one in this scenario ;)

Juliet said...

We had a prof that did that in law school. That was how we all found out he was dating an (adorable) asian boy about 40 years his junior. TMI!

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