Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm Aliiiiiiive!

...also, back to blogging.

Vacation was a wonderful, much-needed, break from the whirling shitstorm that is law school.

Don't get me wrong. I love law school. I love law school like a fat kid loves cake, like Kenny Chesney loves puka shell necklaces, like a 4th grader love summer. In fact, I love it exactly like a nerd loves...nerd things. I also love the law school lifestyle: throw on jeans, listen to smart people talk, read some things, think some things, change into sweats, repeat.

But law school is hard work, and I was tired. I'm still tired, though much rejuvenated (thank you, FMF). All that nonsense about 3L being all golf tournaments and happy hours? Lies. Don't say you weren't warned, young ones. I'm back to the journal now, back to classes, and feeling like if I don't hit the ground running right now I may not make it.

Also, I'm taking classes. Hard classes. But, once I got over my fear of failure, I am actually glad I signed up for them. Academically, it could be a brutual semester- but I've never been so excited about what I'm doing.

It's really been an oddly zen week for me.

Anyway. I'm back around, and I promise to post. Because you want to hear about the trials and tribulations of Mergers & Acquisitions and Fed Tax, right, Internet?

I thought so.


idwsj said...

yay welcome back :) ahhh 3L!!!!!!

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