Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tuesday: Better than Monday, 7 days a week.

Today, my prof who assigned The Paper From Hell came into lecture and announced, apropos of nothing, that The Paper From Hell Which Is Oh Shit Due In 7 Days is actually The Paper From Purgatory, and we'd all be getting an extension to the last day of the grading period. Which is 10 days later.

(Yes, I did expect leprechauns and unicorns to come dancing out from behind the podium at this juncture. No, they did not.)

Then, I discovered that they make Dippin' Dots (knockoffs) that you can actually buy in the grocery store. Wheeeee!

Then, Roommate and I gave Sofa the Cat some catnip and ate delicious mac 'n cheese.

Next, I am going to campus to write like the wind, and eat free popcorn.* Sometimes, you have to give thanks for the little things.

EDITED TO ADD: Also? Darwin visited this weekend, and in the process of being The Best Boyfriend Ever, he left margarita mix, tequila, and chicken strips in my freezer. Because he knows me, and he loves me, and he believes that I will survive finals season and be reinstated in my rightful position, drinking margaritas on the couch and planning my Food Network coup once again. And also because he is The Best Boyfriend Ever. See above.

*Have you noticed that 80% of my Awesome Things are food-related? I have.


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-- Emily Dickinson