Monday, December 07, 2009

This is not a huge mistake.

If you are like me, your family is getting nothing for Christmas, and they're going to like it, because you have Shit To Do.

Good news!

This morning, Amazon's GoldBox deal is all three seasons of Arrested Development for $30. Which is basically an awesome deal. And if I didn't already own it, you should buy it for me- but I do. So now I have two sets, because you don't pass up that sort of opportunity.

Also, if you are not a law student, but you know/love/feed a law student, this is an excellent gift idea.

This has been your holiday shopping PSA. See? Thanks, But No Thanks: Saving you time in finals madness since 2006.

[Also, I'm not getting paid to shill for Amazon or Ron Howard (although: Ron, call me. I will so preach the Arrested Development word for you). So, you know- you can trust my enthusiastic "OMG GO GET THIS RIGHT NOW."]

Carry on.


Juliet said...

LOVE Arrested Development!

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