Thursday, December 03, 2009

Sometimes, Finals Make Me Surly.

And when I get surly, I take it out on other people. And when you combine finals ennui with surly with feisty, and then send me to class, it's basically just a big mess.

Which is why things will happen like just now, when I came to my timorous new baby-Prof's class (he of the tremendous political correctness and the constant apologies).

If I am feeling the way that finals inevitably make me feel, I am bound to decide, for lack of anything better to do, that I will try to see how often I can compare hookers and blood donors in an academic conversation.

And then, I will further enlighten the class by seeing how many times I can use the word "semen" in a sentence.

And then I will close with some really charming historical reference that makes everyone uncomfortable, like "I mean, seriously. There was a Holocaust."

And that's why finals are more fun when you're in class with me. Because I'm a 3L.


Funny Wine Friend said...

Major like! You've earned the right to be as surly as you want. You get bonus points if class involved bubbly beforehand or during.

just jenn said...

another good comment for class: when someone points out the chinese olympic gymnasts were old enough to compete because china "said" so - hawaii "says" obama is american...

Virgin In The Volcano said...

You kids are trouble. I just drink myself into a quiet stupor in the back row of class.

lawdevnull said...

I'm still trying to figure out the hooker and blood donor comparisons. Any examples you can share?

lauramcwilliams said...

OMIGOSH this first-semester 1L is so so envious of you for being a 3L. Stop rubbing it in. OK; GottaGoFinishMyOutlines!

rachsu said...

as a 2L, i find myself stuck in the tired and passive-aggressive stage. i will welcome 3L surliness, as i feel it is a better (and arguably more productive?) disposition.

oh yes - and because i can't resist a nice challenge (in response to lawdevnull) i would say that blood donors and hookers both get money for selling parts of their body. sure, donating blood is PC - but it all boils down to making a quick buck off of your body. inherent difference being that donating blood yields the reward of a free cookie & bumper sticker - and being a hooker (potentially) yields, um, less desirable and doctor-welcoming surprises.

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