Tuesday, December 15, 2009



Expect blog darkness for the next few days. I have 65 pages to write and two finals to study for before Thurs/Fri. This is because NoSchool hates Christmas, and happiness. Please note that I am currently in the "my life is harder than anything, ever" phase of finals study, and will likely be unsympathetic to pleas for money, time, etc. for the next several days.

EDIT: Damn you and your adorable cancer patient children, St. Jude's Hospital. I do not need perspective! I do not need sympathy! I am powerless in the wake of your heartfelt mailings! Nooooo!

Seriously, though- this has been, hands down, the most difficult semester of law school so far. Rewarding, blah blah blah, but signficantly more challenging than any other academic semester. Maybe it's the journal, maybe it's the biting-off-more-than-I-can-chew with work/class/life, maybe it's the fact that every technological thing I touch turns to dust, but 3L year is not turning out to be the golf-filled vacation it was cracked up to be. Ooof.

A brief status update:

1. Intracorporate Conspiracy Paper: Sounds significantly smarter than it is. What I mean by this is, the topic sounds smarter than it will be, because Internet, as of 9:26 this morning, I have neither corporate, nor conspiracy. This makes me...how can I say this? Well and truly screwed. 40 pages. I have none.

2. Water Law Paper: Hate self. 15-20 by Saturday. Chances of my prospectus reading "Water: We All Want Some"? High. Thesis forthcoming, but elusive.

3. Admin Law: How could something so interesting be so godawful? 3 hour final, obviously. In other recent news, the Crunchtime for this is awesome...probably not helpful for you, dear reader, since half of you are winging your way home after this finals debacle, but if you are stuck in a bind this finals season: buy this book. Things I learned in class: We have agencies. They do stuff. Things I learned through the Crunchtime: Everything else.

4. Law of the Interwebz: 3 hours, etc. Grand festival of suckitude. Saw normally sweet Professor Interwebz on campus yesterday while checking in about another Bad Choice Project I have taken on, she gently reminded me that I "seemed on the ball" but "should really make this class my studying priority." This was not a scolding- this was a warning. Ef.

This semester by the numbers (to be continued):

  • Number of trips to the computer shop: 4
  • Number of trips to the computer shop that culminated in my cursing Lenovo: 3
  • Trips to the mechanics: 3
  • Pages written: 85 and counting
  • Pages to be written: 65
  • Chances of my taking seminar classes ever again: 5% (I am a slow learner)
  • Journal pages edited: 429
  • Units completed: 6
  • Units to go: 12
  • Family members who are getting gifts from NoSchool's bookstore: All.

Excuse me while I go freebase some Peets. Ready? GO!


paragon2pieces said...

yikes. you have my sympathy. hopefully this means that next semester is going to be really, really easy by comparison.

Legally Fabulous said...

I am totally in that phase of finals too. I just keep reminding myself that this time next year I will NOT be studying for finals. Oh and also next semester I only have 1 final, so this is the last time of thinking about throwing myself in front of a bus every morning during the month of December (only kidding) (sort of)

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