Tuesday, December 08, 2009

But only the Flintstones ones.

I changed into sweatpants last night, and I have no intention of getting changed out of them until at least Friday morning (we're in the "reading period" part of finals season). I also won't be leaving my apartment- even if I were so inclined (and not buried under an unholy mountain of writing), my car is in the shop and it is snowing.

We haven't been grocery shopping in a while here at the Nobody household, and there's a distinct aura of pre-finals delirium around here. Furniture has been moved into Optimal Studying Positions, and the dishwasher is full of coffee mugs.

I had coffee with a candy cane for breakfast, and I'm looking long and hard at popcorn for lunch, rinsed down with the second batch of coffee, and maybe the last of the frozen blueberries out of the fridge. For dinner, it will be ramen (again), as Roommate is out of town, and there are no Chinese restaurants that deliver to my godforsaken neighborhood.

My parents sent me an "are you still alive?" package this week. It contained (a) a note from my mother, and (b) Christmas socks. My family, since I've gone off to law school, has been expressing their affection for me in holiday footwear, to the extent that I can now make it through most of Advent without doing laundry.

The socks in question have little red nosed reindeer, an obvious choice for the holiday season. Each sock, however, also features a trio of reindeer butts, a less obvious choice. But clearly my mother knows me, because reindeer butts = hilarious. In my world. Shut up.


I do not know what to make of that, except to note that one set of butts is on the inside ankle of a sock, and one is on the outside ankle of the other sock, so either I got a pair of two right-footed socks, or I'm maybe putting them on wrong. Which would just figure, wouldn't it?

Anyway. I think my mother is just trying to do her mom-caretaking thing from thousands of miles away, which makes me feel a little guilty about the current state of my diet, sleep schedule, and apartment.

Mom, I promise: I am taking my vitamins. And I will be home soon.



Please note: I do not actually have cankles. Thanks.


Amanda said...

Pretty much the same, but sans Christmas socks. Instead I have cableknit slipper boots from Target :) I stocked up on Peppermint Creamer last week and I'm currently out of clean coffee mugs. Finals, ugh.
Oh, and PS - can you update your link to me? I moved back to blogger...

Virgin In The Volcano said...

Love it. And I too am in a similar state of finals sloth. Though because I do not have the benefit of a dishwasher, I have used the same plate and mug for at least the last three days. They're my own germs, right? But the more important question is how do I get my Jewish parents to send me kickass reindeer socks like yours?

ImNobody said...

Amanda, I updated your link. You're all set! Glad to find you again.

Virgin, I suggest lobbying to your parents for a fine set of nondenominational reindeer socks. If your parents send me latkes, I will absolutely have my mother send you Channukah-celebrating reindeer. Alternatively, are penguins Jewish enough? Because I have 3 pairs of those. Socks are kind of a "thing" with her.

Kori said...

yeppp that all sounds about right. add a burgeoning addiction to text twist and a nagging craving for a bottle of andre, and i'm right there with you.

lawdevnull said...

No Chinese delivery? Ouch

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