Saturday, December 12, 2009

And also, I'm being stalked by a fortune cookie writer.

Roommate and I got Chinese food this week.

My cookie said "Your hard work will soon pay off." Which is hilarious, because what if I had no hard work? What if I just have a semester's worth of watching old episodes of How I Met Your Mother and contemplating how much wood, exactly, a woodchuck could chuck?

I ate the last cookie from our leftovers this afternoon. It read "Your energy returns and you get things done."

Which is, you know, optimistic, given that I have 40 pages to write in the next four days.* But also slightly worrisome- have I now gone to the Chinese restaurant so often that I'm getting my own personalized fortunes? I think so.

Ooof. Homestretch. Obviously, I have a final scheduled on the last possible day, at the last possible time. You should expect plenty of moaning until then, polished off with several days of Kahlua and hot chocolate induced blog silence. Be prepared.

*WHAT IS MY PROBLEM!?! I have got to stop taking seminar classes, Internet.


ohhayitskk said...

yes - why exactly do we subject ourselves to seminar classes? i have to write 40 pages on the rights of transgender prisoners and 25 on mental health considerations in custody decisions.

rachsu said...

i got a fortune cookie that said "you will get new clothes." swear to you. it was the best fortune ever. especially considering that, in middle school, we used to get "special" fortune cookies that had messages like "don't have sex" and "drugs are not cool."

although clearly, the fortune cookie gods are not with me on willing me to actually start studying...

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