Thursday, November 05, 2009

When nerdiness meets 3L-itis

Because I like writing, pain, and being over-committed, I am doing a research paper for a professor this semester. If you know me, it will come as no surprise that I am tragically, desperately, and hopelessly behind on every. single. deadline. we agreed upon.

In fact, I was so hopelessly behind in research, class, and life, that last week my computer imploded, taking its own life rather than continuing to deal with my procrastinating shenanigans.
The upside of this debacle is that "Sorry, I'm having my motherboard replaced" is the trump card of excuses. The downside is that, well, I'm having my motherboard replaced, and I think I may have lost my fabulous collection of 80s cover band music forever.

...but back to the research. I am in way over my head. Prof. McAwesome knows that I am behind, I know that I am behind, it is all a big festival of lateness. She's been tolerant thus far (the deadlines are dates I set, so really, I guess she has to be), but it is a little awkward to be such a big pile of Fail in front of someone I like so much. To cope, I'm pretending that I cannot see her (this, as you know, is my M.O.).

This is awkward, because I am taking her class.

This morning, I am biting the bullet to meet with her about the project. I came promising an outline. This is what I have written, word for word:

1. Introduction:
a. Clever phrasing of problem and possible solution. Explanation of why this problem is Special and Important. Keep reading for more! Exciting! Yeah!
2. Body
a. Legislative History of the Electronic Communictions Privacy Act (Substance. Win.)
b. Here is a special and important problem.
c. The courts have not solved this problem. Boo!
i. Some courts think they have, but they are wrong.
d. Magical mystery solution
3. Introduction redux (cleverly disguised as conclusion).
4. Mailing address for my tenure offer.

Good start, right?

Ohh Internet. Even my gunner tendencies cannot overcome 3Litis.


Fat Plaid Shirt said...

You should have started a band instead.

Amanda said...

I SO understand. I'm behind on edits for an article (to my credit, if you keep telling me "no rush" I will certainly NOT rush...) and I spotted my boss coming down the walk the other day.
I cleverly turned behind a group of 1Ls (the one time the packs make me happy) and went a different route before she saw me.
Maturity. Right there.
I will therefore be dividing my weekend between a Motion for Summary Judgment and Oral Argument prep due Monday and Tuesday and driving all around town getting sources from public libraries, the county law library, and nearby other-law-school. Because I no longer have time for interlibrary loan, lol.

adele said...

I have a research paper to write, too. It's not self-inflicted, though - I have to write the damn thing to graduate. It blows. Immensely.

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