Friday, November 20, 2009

This is just to say...

Hi. I am here, post-meltdown.

In case you were wondering, yes, this is a normal law student thing. Sometimes, a girl's got to sit in her room and freak out a little bit about how the journal is a disaster and her laptop keeps crashing and eating her admin law outline, and how Paper of Doom #1 is due 10 days earlier than she thought, and how oh my goodness if she doesn't finish the Paper of Doom soon, she will only have 5 days to write 120 pages and why are all of her authors suddenly struck with an attack of the asshole bug?

...and then things just fall apart from there. Also, sometimes law school has a culture of Freak the Hell Out, and you just get carried away in it.

So: I sat down and hung out with Sputnik, drank some wine (thank you, Funny Wine Friend), freaked out to Darwin and Roommate a little bit, slept. T

o be clear: I am still totally overwhelmed. Cookies would still be appreciated. But, when I got to my office this morning and one of my wanker authors responded to my "Hi, did you get that paperwork" email to tell me that he think that he should have more time because we are unprofessional and slow (because we did not publish him 3 months ago, in the summertime. When we did not have an issue out), I could take a deep breath and remember that hey, he's an asshole. And this is not my problem.

It is going to be ok. For me, and also for you, fellow freaker-outers. November just sucks, is all.

Also: Tyra Banks, wtf? I know you were looking for a geeky one, and I know she's a redhead, but honestly? You picked the girl who walks like Frankenstein over the adorable bull-castrater? I'm not impressed with you, Tyra. Not impressed at all.

Ok. Back to the grind. But thanks for the support, guys.


idwsj said...

i dropped antm like it's hot after allison harvard lost.

that was too much for me. THE BUSH BABY SHOULD HAVE WON.

paragon2pieces said...

it's always the authors that trigger my ultimate meltdowns. all i can say is, the end is near!

Anonymous said...

November *does* suck. I had my first panic attack, ever, trying to write the most insignificant memo ever to cross a clerk's desk because there was just TOO MUCH GOING ON. And I don't even really have classes this semester!

Kori said...

1. i agree with you about antm.

2. this happened to me this week to. holler for meltdowns. glad you're okay

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