Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In which I must settle for M & Ms. Which are awesome.

I did not get the clerkship with Judge Godiva. The clerkship scene is unbelievably dismal (See: recession, job market, general economic suckitude), so it isn't any great surprise, and I find it hard to get too beat up over it.

The judge was kind enough to give the final-round candidates an update on who he did hire. That dynamic duo (both impossibly academically decorated, obviously), include a Fulbright scholar and someone whose post-college research project included radio-tagging cheetahs. From a helicopter. In Africa. With his teeth. Seriously. (except for the teeth part).

Basically, two candidates who were objectively cooler than me got the job, so meh. Maybe I will apply again in a year or two- Roommate suggests amending my resume to "Interests: Performs heart surgery, on self" as a way of standing out from the crowd.

I'm a little conflicted about this pitfall. Downside: No Judge Godiva. Upside: Can resign myself to a lack of clerkship in my life, and move on.

Speaking of moving on...the summer firm (Work Hard, Play Hard, LLP) called. They want to give me money, fame, glory, and a desk. As the Littlest Nobody Sibling would say: Hell to the Yes, Internetz. I have a job! I found one! I hunted it in my helicopter and tagged it and bagged it and dragged it home, and I am now officially post-graduation employed.

Someone should tell Judge Godiva what an awesomely employable and grammatically flexibly little intern he missed out on.


Julianne said...

Congratulations!!!! <3 from my blawg

idwsj said...

On the one hand, boo on Godiva for passing up a blogger.

On the other hand, heck yes broo ha ha, congratulations, time to rock out, everything is good in the world on your offfffeeerrrrrrrr!!!!!!

That's sweeter than chocolate (because you can buy more chocolate with your job income).

Legally Fabulous said...

YeahhH!!! CONGRATS!!! I am sure that is such a relief.

Proto Attorney said...

Nice work, congratulations!

Butterflyfish said...

Try again with Judge Godiva -- you never know.


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