Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Peas. Pod.

Phew. Ok, several whirlwind weeks of training and terrorizing the 2Ls (hi guys) and writing stern emails to my recalcitrant authors, and coercing sweet talking Darwin into helping me clean the Journal office, and we are finally up, running, and ready to go.

Which means that I had time to savor this email from our charming faculty editor when I emailed to check in on one of the submissions:


Great.  I’ll scan in the most recent draft t I reviewed. To be frank, I got five pages in and attempted to throw it away. It didn't take. While the scholarship is interesting, this author has a disturbing predilection for the dangling modifiers and obtuse prose. Please look at my comments carefully.  If any of them strike you as something a crotchety old man would write, or are mean spirited—the way a person might write after several hours of slogging through a densely written draft—we may need to edit them down to a more user-friendly, less expletive-filled, form.

Prof. X


It may be a good year after all.


J said...

Ha ha love it. He seems like he'd be a fun Prof!

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