Monday, August 10, 2009

Law School Roundup #185

Welcome, ladies and gents, to Law School Roundup #185. Without further ado, here's this week's selection of good posts from law students current, aspiring, and recovering:

Says who?
Fine tuning your office skillz (Legally Questionably Content)

Says Mom, that's who. Also, the MILP Roundup is here. (PT Law Mom)

Victory! Every little bit counts (That's Relevant)

Post Bar Reflections: Thoughts from a recent test-taker (Attorney Work Product)

Onward and Upward: The bests and worsts of 1L year (New Kid on the Hallway)

The best advice you'll get all year: Advice for incoming 1Ls (Lawful Living)

It wasn't like this on Law & Order: A day in the life of an ADA (Mommy on the Floor)

New Beginnings: Everything is exciting in the fall (Lipgloss & Lawschool)

Wheeling and Dealing: Thoughts on salary negotiation (Starting to Melt)

1L FAQ: Jansen rounds up some commonly asking incoming 1L questions (No. 634)

Hot Mess: Another OCI debacle (Paragon 2 Pieces)

That's all folks! Check back at Legal Underground in a week for Law School Roundup #184.




Legally Questioanble said...

The New Kid on the Hallway link is the same as the Attorney Work Product link FYI.

PS, thanks for the link.


ImNobody said...

Fixed! Lord, I'm on a roll these days.

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