Monday, July 13, 2009

Law School Roundup #181

Welcome, ladies and gents, to Law School Roundup #181...but first, a shameless plug:

If you are an incoming 1L: Welcome to the support group  the legal fraternity. In a few short years, you'll be sitting in the a proud member of the bar. Until then, you may find from time to time that you need a little help. Kel, over at A Woman In Law School is running a weekly give-away for 1L study aides. Head on over to her site and leave a comment each week on her drawing post, and you'll be entered into a drawing to win the study guide of the week. The rules are here, and the most recent contest post is here. Get thee to entering! And keep frequenting this site, and the links along the side, for advice on living as a law student.


Now then. Without further ado, here's this week's selection of good posts from law students current, aspiring, and recovering.


Ouch: On learning from experience, and wine. (Virgin in the Volcano)

Open Letter: To various Bar Exam personalities (Butterflyfish)

Crazy Ensues: If you're not yet studying for the bar, best to skip this one. Ignorance is bliss. (Attorney Work Product)

It is Illegal to Ban Me: Common sense isn't all that common on the interwebz (The Rising Jurist)

Human Capital: You really can be reduced a number, no matter what your mother said. (The Shark)

Family Law: Tidbits from a scintillating lecture. (Magic Cookie)

We'd All Be on Law Review: If law testing were like FEMA testing (Law Ingenue)

Shoes: The NYT and Ginsberg on women on the Court (That's Relevant)

But How Will I Play Text Twist? On laptops in the classroom (Legal Geekery)

Eulgoogly for a Ridiculously Good-looking blog: Finally, the blawgosphere lost one of its most charming, witty, and poignant voices this week. We will miss her terribly, and keep our fingers crossed for an undercover reincarnation. If you'd like to send your regards, links are at Butterflyfish and Attorney Work Product.


That's all folks! Check back at Legal Underground in a week for Law School Roundup #182.






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