Sunday, June 07, 2009

Am drunk, please send more Pahlmeyer.

Tonight, went to magically delicious wine bar with Funny Wine Friend (this is not her normal blog name. I forget her normal blog name). Proceeded to be normal charming selves, finished (ok, mostly-finished) crossword, got owner drunk. Owner commented on how in sync and crossword zenny Funny Wine Friend and I were, which was very flattering. We are in sync! Because we are awesome and fun! Funny Wine Friend made overtures re: wine that was "classy, but mischevious," resulting in a private flight of "mischevious" wines after hours at the wine bar.

For the uninitiated, "mischevious" means "unbelievably awesome, in surprising and refreshing way."

Drank much too much for sensible folks, exact right amount for self and Funny Wine Friend. Confessed to love of cabernet, Darwin, law school. Came home many many hours after wine bar closed. Did not pay bill, did absolutely consume more than own weight in magically delicious wine bar snacks and goodies. Am going to be most seriously displeased about the sunlight tomorrow morning. Am totallly stoked that Firefox has built in spellcheck (and you should be too, Internet!)

Drank life-changing wine (Pahlmeyer Cab, too drunk to remember year- maybe 2005?). Magical. Mmmm. Seeing Darwin in a week. Everything in life is pretty and perfect, except the horrifying hangover I am going to wake up with.

Please send water, or more of the Cabby goodness.

OK, but seriously. '05 Pahlmeyer. Damn. Internet, I cannot find words to explain to you now, but imagine the most perfect thing you have ever drunk. Ok, now make it better. That's it. Jealous? You should be. I will console myself with thoughts of its deliciousness when it hurts to blink tomorrow.

Yum. Funny Wine Friend and I are a dynamic duo when we are out on the town.


FWF said...

Wow - the most perfect thing you have ever drunk? I enjoyed the 2005, but dang. ;) Figured out part of why you and the Pahlmeyer got along so well -

Also see his quote on the homepage - "Anything worth doing is worth doing to excess." - Jayson Pahlmeyer

More water & snacks will be the order of the day for the next mischevious adventure!

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