Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Working for the Weekend

First day of work today!

Dress code for the summer is "business casual." My shiny new summer associate manual came with a description of what this means, which was entirely uninformative: I've thus far learned that cut-offs, shirts with sexual slogans, and high-top sneakers are not appropriate. Basically, if you'd wear it to a grunge concert, or roll your eyes at it on the subway, it shouldn't come into the office.

This much I know. Why is business casual so darn squishy for girls? I will not be tricked by this nonsense. I'm wearing a suit.

Updates to follow. This summer's mission: Look cute, don't get fired.

Updated to add:
Holy moly, they gave me an office with a window. And a secretary. My soul is so cheap.


Molly said...

A window!? That's fantastic. I'm jealous. I don't even see any desk plants around where I work.

Mack said...

Generally, I've learned the following about "business casual":

If you have to ask yourself "should I wear this?" you probably shouldn't.

Good luck!!

adele said...

I tend to think that "business casual" means the same idea as "business formal," only without the suit jackets.

Josh Auriemma said...

Yeah the definition of business casual is too vague. Around here it actually means "anything except ripped clothes."

Good luck looking cute and not getting fired.

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