Sunday, May 17, 2009

Law School Roundup #173

Congratulations, Graduates! Apologies for the lack of posting- updates to come soon, I promise. I've been alternately lying drunk on the couch watching the Food Network, and rambling around on the beach with Darwin (jealous? You should be). It turns out that Corporations will really take it out of you.

Without further ado, welcome to Law School Roundup #173:

Classy: Deciding how many classes to take as a non-trad (Law Ingenue)

Party on, Wayne: Ranking law the fun factor (Luke Gilman)

Hyphenation: First lesson of law school: Lawyers play fast and loose with grammar anyway (New Kid on the Hallway)

Bottle Service: Delightful in every incarnation (A New Duck)

Link, Link, Link: The Shark's got a new bar exam blog, if you're in to that sort of thing. Shouldn't you be playing at being a beach bum right now? (The Wringer)

Inspiring Words: Three years later, "I don't know" is still the answer. (Butterflyfish)

Adding up: How many minutes make a JD? (Useless Dicta)

Why signs say what moms want them to say: I'm not certain this is not a tactic they teach in professor-school, too. (Magic Cookie)

Look for next week's roundup at the Legal Underground, and then back here again in 2 weeks. If you want to be added to the blog roll, but don't see yourself up there, shoot me an email and we'll get you on the wall of dis-honor.



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