Monday, April 20, 2009

Law School Roundup #169

Ok, ok. I know it's Monday morning already. You'll have to forgive me: Yesterday, I informed Darwin that it was Mother's Day, and he'd best call his family. If I can't get the month right, I can hardly be expected to get the day right, can I? At any rate, here is this week's Law School Roundup, for those of you still tottering through to the end of the semester. Try to come up out of the library for a breather every once in a while!

He's not working in public interest: On being a helpful attorney (Blogging Matilda)

Hellooooo Ossifer: Why you shouldn't talk to the police (Law is Cool)

Floozy!: Having a dysfunctional relationship with law school (My Legal Fiction)

You're not my REAL mom: Wisdom from the tween years ((In)Sanity Souffle)

Taking a moment: Wisdom from the family dog (Virgin in the Volcano)

Cheers to that, Judge: Objections under the influence (Butterflyfish)

Soapy Miracles: Justice Thomas on dishwashers (That's Relevant!)

Technology in the Courtroom: Is not welcome, at least in the form of webcasting (Legal Geekery)

Deferrals: Career services advises against fun, work (The Shark)

Tool:  Law students don't play well with others. You should hit them. (Laughing: With or at You)


Look for next week's Roundup over at the Legal Underground. In the meantime, try not to strangle all the loud chewers in the study room: you've still got Character & Fitness to pass.




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