Sunday, April 05, 2009

Law School Roundup #167

Welcome to Law School Roundup #167.

You made it through the week, survived April Fools, and have slid into Sunday more-or-less intact. Finals are looming, and springs not quite here yet- could there be a better time for innuendo? I think not.

Without further ado, Law School Roundup #167, The "That's What She Said" Edition:

Obviously: "Breasts and juries totally go together!" (A (non)Token Minority Student)

Speaking of Which: "Next time, I don't care how cold it is in this town, I'm showing more boob." (Virgin in the Volcano)

On the dangers of "Reply All": "That works for me!" (Starting to Melt)

Dark Days in the Journal Office: "Therefore, I expected to sleep even less from Wednesday to Sunday than usual" (You've Got the Rubber Chicken)

April Fools: "I'm going to have a pop quiz" (Terra Nullius)

Thompson v. Libby: "Oral Warranty" (Law School Haiku)

Feelings on Iowa: "But then I remember this isn't Dr. Zhivago" (Mommy on the Floor)

In related news: "GO LOWA!" ((In)Sanity Souffle)

Sound Advice on Firm Documents: "Find a leak buddy" (Legal Geekery)

Retribution: "This involved much hand motion and pssh pssh sounds" (Butterflyfish)

Next week's roundup will be back at the Legal Underground. Check back here, same great place and time, for Roundup #167.



Virgin In The Volcano said...

You're a dirty bird, Nobody. I approve.

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How public—like a Frog—
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