Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Congress joins TMI Thursdays

Ok, who let Congress play with Twitter?

You turn your back for one minute, and all of a sudden they're telling stories about their grandson's love life, exposing their grammatical insufficiencies to the world (see: all), and talking about their midnight snacks....Twitter is the MySpace of the political set.

This does not bode well. My problem with Twitter is that it presupposes that your inner monologue really should be shared. The trouble with that is: sometimes, it should stay inner for a reason. Awkward baby boomers with iPhones, a public image to maintain, and a story to tell?

That gasping you just heard was the sound of 100,000 campaign managers having a panic attack.

In the meantime, The Hill is compiling your Congressional Tweets, so if you want to know what your representative thinks about the donuts in the Cloakroom, have at it (thanks to Wonkette for featuring this excercise in brilliance today).

Solid comedy gold, that.


teasinglydiverse said...

Ha, the panic attack is where I go first when I see these people on Twitter. I can see it now,
"Okay, slowly now, hand Mommy/your campaign manager the BlackBerry/iPhone. Just hand it over, no more Twitter..."

Seriously. And, from experience, it's no fun to be on the giving end of the "Sir, I'm sorry, but you REALLY shouldn't say things like that!" speech :)
But, since it's not my job, I think it's pretty funny :)

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