Sunday, March 22, 2009

Law School Roundup #165

Welcome to Law School Roundup # 165...While you're here, have you met Mickey? He's so fine, he blows my mind.

Also, the MILP (Moms in the Legal Profession) Roundup is up over at Butterflyfish. Stealing a page out of her book, this week's roundup is 80's-tastic, so without further ado, pump up your iTunes, and prepare yourself for this week's selection of posts from law students aspiring, recovering, and still slogging away.

Don't Stop Believing: Listening to some Journey would really help quell those "When do I stop feeling dumb?" fears, I suspect. (Law Ingenue)

867-5309/Jenny: A new era of internet capable phones presents problems for judges and attorneys during jury trials. (Law is Cool)

Here I Go Again: On the job search- like a lawyer/hobo/Whitesnake, were you just born to walk alone? (Butterflyfish)

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go: Virgin gives tips on how to leave your law school obligations hanging on like a yo-yo. (Virgin in the Volcano)

Eye of the Tiger:
(In)Sanity Gal signs up for an 8k: "And I only thought I was going to throw up for like an hour and a half afterwords." ((In)Sanity Souffle)

Under Pressure: On life as a trial lawyer and parent. (A New Duck)

Walk Like an Egyptian? "Now that I'm in law school, I find myself facing a different kind of Imposter Syndrome: I don't think I'm really a student." (New Kid on the Hallway)

Every Breath You Take: I'll be watching you. Or the court. You know...whatever. (A Woman in Law School)

She Blinded Me With Science: Luke Gilman prepares a handy spreadsheet to compare the top 50 law review's websites. (The Blawgraphy)

Finally, last but not least, NYU Law Revue provides this preview, a law school take on Billy Joel (available on Vimeo):

Please Repeat the Question from Amanda Bakale on Vimeo.

NYU Law Revue: a preview of this year's show, running March 25th - 28th.

Happy Sunday, one and all: may the rest of your day, like mine, be full of big hair, shirt scrunchies, and acid-washed jeans.

Next week's roundup will be back at the Legal Underground. Check back here, same great place and time, for Roundup #167.



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