Monday, March 16, 2009

I Am Full of Unpopular Opinions Today

....Unpopular opinions and mozzarella sticks, so I'm going to call this one a wash, but I am still grouchy.*

1. I hate Twitter, and I think it's making us dumber and more self involved than we were before. This problem has expanded to the point where I am considering delivering my patented You Are Not That Important Lecture via loudspeaker as I drive through town.
Ha ha, the blogger thinks people should talk less. Ironic, huh? Bite me.

2. Dear Angry Radio Callers- Angry! With the earmarks! And the pork! Except if it's for your district! Outrage! Fury! Yelling! Something for us now, please!

This is a theme here. I should wear a shirt: "Nobody caaaares." It would sum up my feelings on other people's feelings perfectly. Especially the unsolicited ones.

3. Some people really shouldn't go to law school. Because of the Dumb, but also because of the Driftless, the Ditzy, the Totally Underwhelming, and the Open Mouthed Chewing.

4. I don't think milk does do a body good.

So there. Meh.

Updated to Add: The moral of the story (and the way I attempt to artfully dodge hypocrisy, all the while refusing to edit as I blog) is this:

1. If you're going to speak inanity, don't presume that someone wants to listen. Most importantly, don't assume that you have a right to make someone listen. Someone is rolling their eyes at you right now. Are you adding value? Making me laugh? No? Then I am making voo-doo dolls of your shouty face or ignoring you entirely, depending on the level of Annoyed coursing through my veins today.

2. Milk is better with chocolate, but even better when it's coffee.

3. Do not cross me. I am grouchy 2L.

*Grouchy, but wise enough to distill all the grouchy things into one post, so that the Internet Crazy can run to one place to tell me how wrong and evil I am.


teasinglydiverse said...

Grouchy ambivalent 1L chiming in with a hearty "I hear ya!"...seriously. I'm thinking of a t-shirt that says, "what? are you still talking to me? I stopped listening 10 minutes ago."
If these are unpopular opinions...well, here's to being unpopular! ;)

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