Thursday, January 01, 2009

Resoloved: I've got a list, and I'm checking it twice

Inspired by my terrific wine friend, I have been brainstorming some goals for 2009. Not silly, boring goals like "be nicer" or "eat fewer Doritos" (I have enough improving to do in those areas that I can't be waiting for a new year to start to turn over a new leaf), but nice, finite, glad-to-say-I've-done-it goals.

So, I will join the plethora of New Years' Day posts to say: This is what I am going to get done in 2009:

1. Read the Joy of Cooking cover to cover: At the end of the year, I want to have a well-explored, thoroughly chicken-scratched, extremely useful, chicken broth sloshed cookbook to flip back through. (Side Note: The Joy of Cooking is amazing. Really. Want to know how to bone out a chicken? What "seared" actually means? Yeah. All the goodies of Google with the satisfying, tangible thunk of a sturdy cookbook. Also, it suffers less than the laptop when I slosh tomato sauce).

I am working up to the French Laundry cookbook, clearly. Look out, Roommate. Look out, Darwin.

2. Make two "good" meals a week: Read: eat my veggies. Make time to scrounge things that aren't preservative filled, canned good wonders. Man cannot subsist on Easy Mac least, not without turning orange and ballooning into a fatty, fatty, two-by-four.

3. Make time for Will Shortz: Make a good faith effort to do the Sunday Crossword every week. I get to feel smart and happy, the Times stays in business, everybody wins.

4. Stretch: I would like to be able to touch my toes, please. Nice things this will improve: bowling, back pain, inevitable decline into old age. Also, I'm going running. At least twice a week (I like attainable goals). Do you hear that, world? I am running.

5. Reinstate Self-Indulgence Wednesdays: Back when I was working 70+ hour weeks at Satan's School for the Clinically Unemployable, and my two charming assistants, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle OhMyGodDon'tDoThat were making life nearly unbearable, I plunked my foot down, had a tantrum, and started engaging in Self-Indulgence Wednesdays.

I chose Wednesday because it lurks in between Monday (fresh start/sheer dread) and Friday (utter relief/total exhaustion), just far enough away from each that you deserve a reward for getting through, but without a little something you might not make it through the week. Self-Indulgence Wednesdays are days to get pedicures, wear the hot shoes, eat nice cheese, watch America's Next Top Model, etc, etc, etc. This turns Wednesday from "hump day" into something to actually look forward to.

Let's face it, I'm in law school. I need things to look forward to, and Evidence or Fed Tax just aren't going to cut it.

6. Have Quarterlife Crisis: I like to embrace the inevitable. Obviously.

Now that I've blurted it out, Internet, you're going to have to hold me accountable. You're also going to have to suffer the consequences, so be ready for lots of angst-ridden recipes about inflexible chickens who don't know what they're doing with their lives, and would like a 6 letter synonym for coping (hint: Begins with "ch," made by ruminants, goes well on baguette).

Happy New Year kids! Enjoy those new gym memberships and study habits while they last!


Laughing said...

I am so very much looking forward to reports on Self Indulgent Wednesdays. I do the same thing but on Thursday - because I have all my classes on Thurs which makes Wednesday Self Hatred Homework Day. And the Joy? You've got a delicious year ahead of you ;) Please share any particularly good successes as I am too timid to cover-to-cover and instead go for the hunt-and-pick.

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