Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nasty, brutish, and short.

Hooray! The little minions are coming in today to discuss Locke & Hobbes. Who misses reading Leviathan? Internet, put your hands in the air if you love you some social contract theory.

Because I got a bit later start in the year than Funny Mean Friend, I've had no criers- yet. However, if they actually did do the reading, I expect at least one of them to abandon all hope and fling himself, weeping, onto the floor. Because, with a high of 4 degrees today, everything here at NoSchool is looking pretty bleak, and throwing approximately 90 pounds of Hobbes at a bunch of freshman on the first week of class is the professorial version of breaking them like wild horses.

Since I remember the class reaction from many, many years ago, when I took the course, I'm already anticipating the outrage and bemusement. I can tell I've got some characters already- one avowed 18 year-old "Living Constitutionalist," a girl who was texting and giggling all through the introductory lecture on Tuesday, and at least 6 or 7 who have already made the terrible mistake of taking themselves much too seriously. I'm terribly glad they are self-professed "committed students", but, having never been one myself, I'm a little skeptical of their kind.

I'm just looking forward to getting a little bit of personality out of them: it should make for excellent blogging.

In the meantime, other things in my life that are nasty, brutish, & short: the amount of sleep I'm getting, my impending note, that awful 3L in the front row of my Evidence II class (more on him later).

And, since The Note That Broke My Will And Made Me Hate Writing is due Friday (yes, that one, the one that comes after today) and I still have 3700 words of "meh" left to write: I'm off.

In the meantime, go cry to a professor or TA in my honor. Everyone knows they find it endearing.


Useless Dicta said...

I was totally one of those kids who thought I got Hobbes and that it somehow "spoke" to me. That was way back when I was 15. Thankfully in the 10 years since then I have realized that I was a brat who knew nothing back then and now I'm a slacker who knows nothing. I definitely think being a slacker is much better :-)

ImNobody said...

That's because 15 year old ARE paranoid and a little Hobbesian.

Slacking is a huge improvement.

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