Thursday, January 22, 2009

Links: Law Wiki, and help for aspiring 0Ls

I don't always promote the links I've been sent,* but occasionally, I make exceptions, either for particularly good resources (noted here), or because of my surpassing glee at the writing featured (see: Funny Mean Friend). Incidentally, I've yet to sell out on the sponsorship thing,** so you'll have to just accept the fact that some things are just too cool not to blog about.

In the last few weeks, I've had two helpful resources sent my way, both of which I've linked in "Legal Bits." The first, an LSAT tips blog, will get a mostly perfunctory glance here, but is well worth sending your pre-L buddies and floundering MBA friends to. The second, a legal wiki, is a little more styled towards the needs of this readership, I expect, and I encourage you to go check it out. Links are in the heading for each section below. Ready? Go!

LSAT Blog: Ace The LSAT
I've been remiss in not doing a write-up for this site several weeks ago, but it should be helpful for my pre-L readers who are taking the February or June tests. This blog is the one that I would be writing, if I wasn't busy doling out less helpful advice to my law school peers.

While the blog is in no way a replacement for a full LSAT prep course, or many hours of dedicated study, Steve offers quite a few helpful tips, and is a very reassuring writer. More importantly, you'll be getting your test information from a professional, and not from the ego and drama fueled madness that many pre-law student advice boards turn into, as the blind lead the blind (Right into TTT! OMG!).

Steve Schwarz, the author, is a professional LSAT tutor living in Manhattan. He posts tips on the taking and preparing for the LSAT, as well as applying to schools, every Friday. If you're in the NY area, he also offers occasional free clinics, which I suspect would be well worth the trip. Especially for the budding law student who is just embarking on their application process, this blog will be quite helpful. To check it out, go here: LSAT Blog: Ace the LSAT.

Which brings me to....

Law Wiki.

Free outlines! And other terrific resources, too, but I had to get your attention somehow.

I am especially excited about the potential for this site. Currently, it is styled just like wikipedia, with sections for outlines and information about law firms, both Candadian and American. Like any good wiki, the success of the site will be dependent upon participation of members, so I encourage you to go and check it out, and add what you can.

If you've never worked in a wiki, they are essentially peer-edited and reviewed online resources. Information comes from users, and is corrected by users as it needs updating. It ends up being a pretty neat community effort, with surprisingly effective results. Moreover, for the technologically marginal, wikis are tremendously easy to edit, so no fear! Get thyself typing, and convey your legal brilliance!

Law students, I've noticed, can be peculiarly reluctant to share their outlines, so I'd encouarge you to think of it as a karmic gift to your terrified first-semester self (or your overworked 3rd semester self), and do unto others over there. You can, of course, get away with being a free rider and grab all the outlines you'd like, but classy people don't free ride, guys. There are a number of outlines up now, and it should be a very helpful place as it grows.

If you're a member of a firm, the site can be a great source for getting information out to future employees and law students. I've also noticed that there is some advertising space available as well- it would be a great chance for a firm to get their name out, while supporting a terrific cause.

This wiki is particularly exciting and appropriate for our generation of law students- I suspect that it could burgeon into a truly extraordinary resource. You can go straight to the site here: Law Wiki, and get involved, or you can email

Happy typing!

...And that, ladies and gents, is the sum of my helpful behavior for the week. Don't expect me to be opening any doors or doing any dishes, mk?

* African princes and special offers being what they are, I'm trying to keep my off-shore transfers of $10000000 and stock of enlargement pills to myself. I'm not a sharer, you know.

**Ghiradelli? Peets Coffee? Mumm Napa? Five Guys Burgers? This is a valuable untapped resource here, guys. As Darwin can tell you, I'm a cheap date.


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