Sunday, January 11, 2009

Law School Roundup #155

Welcome to Law School Roundup # 155.

This week, the pre-Ls struggled with law school decisions, the 1Ls discovered that yes, grades are are a rude awakening, the 2Ls searched increasingly desperately for jobs, and the 3Ls awoke from their holiday reverie to start worrying about the bar exam. If you're not staring blankly at your computer screen, wishing the winter and the new semester would just. go. away., here's this week's selection of posts from law students aspiring, recovering, and still slogging away:

Reasons to Go to Law School: Someone should give this list to Career Services (My Legal Fiction)

By George, She's Right! A reflection on the new semester. ((In)Sanity Souffle)

It's all a matter of perspective: If grades coming in has you feeling dumb, just think: you could be competing on The Bachelor (A Woman in Law School)

Disturbingly Familiar: Crim Law hypos popping up in real life, or what to do when victim dies 35 years after the fact (The Blawography)

Dancing to your own beat: A heartfelt thank you to the Metro Singer (Learned Musings via Sua Sponte)

Making a quick buck: What did they do before Lexis and Westlaw? (Lawful Living)

Family Nagging 2.0: What's better than guilt delivered straight to your email address? (Legally Blonde Ambition)

Doing the Cover Letter Dance: The job search is better set to music, but cover letters still suck. (Laughing: With or At You)

Legal Innovation: Let's trade in the student loan debt for a snazzy discount store suit, and call it a day (The Shark)

The Legal Field Is Diverse: Or, why being a television judge is the ideal professional choice. Does anyone have a good gimmick? (Virgin in the Volcano)

Declaration of Intent to Commit: A practical use for all that legal training, plus it keeps the boyfriend and the puppy in line (Who Invented Roses).

Your Paralegal Has a Better Job Than You: More doom & gloom from the Nobody School of Buttons & Lollipops. (Law is Cool)

Rarrr! But at least you're not getting eaten by a panda? (Now That I'm Awake)

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