Monday, December 15, 2008

Thank you, Target Gurus

Dear Grand Poo-bahs and Most Rocking Buyers at Target,

Remember when I pitched a big hissy fit about the No Booze on Sundays rule? And when I swore I was shopping at the Farmer's Market, forever and ever amen? Or when I pitched a big fit about the No Good Cheese to Be Found problem?

I'm sorry, most reverent Target Powers. Today, you and I made up, when I discovered it.

It's almost as though you read my thoughts, Target. Because there, nestled in a superstore haven, in the land of mediocre wine, was exactly what I needed to get me through the week: Cuvee M, from Mumm Napa, on clearance.

Hello, sparkling wine. Hello, celebration. Hello, unadulterated glee. Uninitiated friends, this is like finding filet mignon in your Big Mac. Mmmmm.

Since it was thousands of miles from its rightful home, all lonely and feeling out of place next to the Korbel, I thought it was only just to bring it home with me- you know, to welcome it to the neighborhood.

So thank you, Target. You have forever won my big box loyalties. Thank you.

This is just what I needed to get through Evidence.




Philosofya said...

"Uninitiated friends, this is like finding filet mignon in your Big Mac. Mmmmm."

Oh I lolled and lolled all over myself with this.

Mm sparkling anything.

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