Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sunday night updates from Blogland.

1. I've added the Followers feature from Blogger, so now you can "follow" me. Creepers. (I meant that with love!) (I will still know who to call if you are sitting in the bushes outside. Ahem.) (But really though: don't you want to follow me? Fun!)

2. I still want to redesign the blog. I'm very 'meh' about the whole layout. Unfortunately, I'm still on the Jurassic Era Jizzputer, so that won't be happening for a few days yet. Someday, there will be pictures, and a sexy new layout. Promise.

3. I'm continually updating the blogroll. If you want to be added, you should email me. If you'd rather not be associating yourself with this particular brand of scandal, you should email me too- your loss. We have fun here.

4. In other news, Sofa the Cat has snuck up on a cardboard box, fallen in, and gotten lost in it. Since she's making me feel better about my own IQ, I'm not going to help her out just yet. I'm just going to laugh.

ImNobody: Specializing in minutia, cat-mocking, and neurosis: the holiday/finals special, now with a dash of I-don't-wanna-you-can't-make-me.

And now, back to Evidence. Evidence, and salt & vinegar chips.


Philosofya said...

Welcome to my life. I have not even started the hellish studying phase yet (that's tomorrow) and I already feel like getting a cat just to watch it do stupid shit as entertainment.

Amanda said...

Ha! I've had the exact same thought - maybe I should get a kitten because it'd be distracting and entertaining! Sadly, I think I'm quite able to distract myself on my own...

Molly said...

Your blog is hilarious.

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