Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sidenotes: Tell Us What You Really Think

In reviewing my notes & outlining courses today, I came across the following little sidelines gems. Unlike last year, where I listened, this year's notes have scribblings of crossword clues and fatalistic predictions about my ability to get a job. That means they are way more interesting to read, and make...about as much sense.

Oct 21: Re-Read Everything. Pretend you understand. Outline.
Oct 23: There is a 0% chance I will understand this, even if I read it.
Oct 25: Oh please god no.

Sept 18: A problem with this approach: we have to assume that the judges are not drunk.

Sept 22: A note on justifications: "If someone comes up with two jacks, and says one-eyed jacks are wild- is that grounds to shoot him? Yes! Of course it is!"

Aug 29: Transnational law is shaaaaady.

Sept 19: Words of Advice from the guru: As you get older, you will find that there are more things in life than sex & alcohol. (Really? Are we sure? What about popcorn?)

Sept 11: Note to Self: Never buy anything that the Heifer designs.

Aug 27: Exam: One policy question, one fact-pattern/issue spotter. Second question will be bulk of exam, will include most of the course material (b/c he is crazy & evil)

Sept 30: Children are also retarded midgets that are suicidal.

Oct 31: If there is a villian in the exam question, he is definitely going to be named after Sneaky Bastard. Ha ha.


DC2L said...

This is fantastic. And yet, so, so similar to my own. 2 weeks to finals. Hey-Ya. Who knows something about international law to tell me???

michelle of bleeding espresso said...

You make me want to go back through my old law school notes..I just know there are some strikingly similar things in there ;)

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