Monday, November 10, 2008

Meh....meh, I say!

...or I would, if I could muster that sort of fervor. A litany of Monday complaints:

1. I have a surprise admin due on Monday. Surprise! Admin! I hate you! Editor!

2. Want to know about the 4th Amendment? Me too. There is not a Schoolhouse Rock episode on this, otherwise, I would have actually been prepared for Criminal Procedure. As it is, class went more along the lines of "Warrant....heh?"

3. I have to babysit undergrads tomorrow. I am getting paid. Not enough.

4. It snowed. My Reefs are weeping. I would weep, but my little tears would freeze to my sad little face.

5. Sofa just farted on my lap.

I do not like Mondays. I am wearing my grouchy pants.


Random Esquire said...

Grouchy pants were made for Mondays. Wear them with pride!


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