Saturday, November 15, 2008

Law School Roundup #147

Welcome to Law School Roundup #147.

Before you start reading: go on over to PT-LawMom, give her a big e-hug, and remember that we've all got to band together to support our own.

Hug done?

Well then, with no further ado, here's this week's sampling of interesting posts from law students current, impending and recovering:

Mood: Soulless: Lessons we all wish we learned before law school (The View From The Middle)

"Oh, it gets easier": Some choice words for those "reassuring" souls ((In)Sanity Souffle)

Trends: Government...its so hot right now. (The Shark)

PSA: Oh, hey, big guy- learn when to keep your mouth shut, yeah? (Useless Dicta)

Ka-pow! Kicking butt and taking latops? (the Rising Jurist)

Characters: Professors: They don't get less quoteable, either (J.D.?...Maybe)

The Frailty Myth: A thoughtful, interesting book review and personal know. Free reading. For when you have "free" time (Fannie's Room)

Amen to That: A rousing thank you to our vets, named and unnamed (Diary of a Law School Mom)

Look for next week's roundup at the Legal Underground, and then back here again in 2 weeks. If you want to be added to the blog roll, but don't see yourself up there, shoot me an email and we'll get you on the wall of dis-honor.



PT-LawMom said...

Thanks sweetie.

P.S. You are sooooo right about the inauguration. I lived in DC for years and never went on the White House tour for similar reasons. Who wants to get up at the ass crack of dawn and stand in line for hours? Ugh. That and July 4. Great one-time experience but then you need to Phone a Friend with a good view and avoid the face-in-the-armpit Metro experience.

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