Friday, November 07, 2008

Internet, Meet Darwin: My partner in crime.

I've been reading through old blog posts, trying to clean up my labels a bit and make everything more accessible (see the to-do list), and it's made me all reflective.

Not in the neon-orange, riding your bike at night way, although that would be pretty neat. This is more in the Thinking Big Vulnerable Thoughts way. I might get mushy. Consider yourself warned.

You haven't been formally introduced to a lot of the heavy hitters in these parts, have you, Internet? I'm going to get on that, starting today. Also, Roommate made me watch The Notebook last night. I know I might look like the scrappiest, evilest little girl on the planet, but man-oh-man: sad old people in love does me in every. damn. time.

Anyway. I do like some people. It's just most

Have I formally introduced you to Darwin yet?
He gets to go first in the Profiles in Awesome,* because I have a crush on him. He is hot like the sun! No really though. That might embarrass him a little. But he's cute. And when he winks at me, I get all giggly.** This is his Extra Flashy Thanks But No Thanks Profile in Awesome.

I first met Darwin when....I was a 1L, and he was too clever to be a law student. He's still too clever to be a law student, but I'm not a 1L anymore. Sometimes I think I make him a little bemused- but in a sweet way.

Darwin can be found....Doing scientific things, sometimes with animals. I can be found visiting him at work, which is like the zoo, but better.

Alternative careers Darwin would be good at:
Late night talk show host, FBI agent, professor, mad scientist, recruiting director, small business owner, big shot in charge of things.

One thing Darwin doesn't know about me: I get all excited and proud to introduce him to people. I've tried to express this, but I do not think he understands the level of "No, look! Isn't he the coolest ever?!" that goes through my little head when we meet new people.
No one doesn't love Darwin. Even the Creationists.

A ridiculous limerick I wrote in case Darwin runs away to join the circus:
There once was a man from Ohio,
Whose head nearly reached to the sky-o
He swung with great ease
On the flying trapeze
While the crowd screamed oh-me and oh-my-oh.

Three things I associate with Darwin: Penguins, the fall, hugs from people in fleece jackets.

Why you wish you were dating Darwin:
1. Because he's a Good Man, in every sense of the phrase. He's got the biggest heart of anyone I know.**
2. Because, to steal a turn of phrase from
3. He's the best gift giver ever.***
4. He is funnier than me, by all accounts.
5. Because he's my match, and I know you love me.

No really though, Internet. You should meet him. He's great. More Profiles in Awesome to come. Probably when I should be doing my copyright reading.


* What's that you say? You want one too? Step in line, my friend. If you send me an email I might even let you pick some of the questions, and stop writing so many bad things about you here.

** You didn't know I was girly and mushy, did you? I'm sorry. Its a little frightening, I'm sure. You'll get over it.

*** Two awesome gifts that illustrate this:
1. Birthday Gift: Aviators. Copy of "Eats Shoots & Leaves." Ensuing endless delight of Girlfriend Nobody (My. Boyfriend. Gave. Me. Grammar. OMG. Joy!).
2. Girlfriend is Crazy and Homesick Gift: Stuffed animal. Well, stuffed algae. In a petri dish! To remind me of the pool and my old life (shut UP. I am not geeky. This is awesome.)


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...How dreary—to be—Somebody!
How public—like a Frog—
To tell one's name—the livelong June—
To an admiring Bog!
-- Emily Dickinson