Thursday, November 06, 2008

In Which You Thank God You Do Not Have to Live With Me...Also: Monsters!

Poor Roommate.

She is a smart, politically active, intellectually engaged girl, living with someone with the mind of a small child.

Don't get me wrong. I like talking politics and policy and The Way Things Should Be with Roommate. She's interesting and smart, and she challenges me to think in new ways. Sometimes, the need to talk politics strikes her, the way some people get the hiccups. When I'm struck by the need to talk, it tends to fall into one of the following categories:
1. Isn't this biological/chemical/medical phenomenon Really Neat and Interesting?
2. Food is fun.
3. I liked 4th grade better than law school

At heart, I may be a camp counselor/restaurateur/9 year old. I'm glad she puts up with me. Unfortunately for her, the high level of stress this semester makes me inclined toward totally juvenile shenanigans. Stick to what you're good at, right?

[11:13] Roommate: Oh good lord, that horrible gunner wants to talk about The Living Constitution. He hearts the living constitution.
[11:13] *** Auto-response sent to Roommate: Away. But not far enough.
[11:13] Roommate
: And therefore, living statutes.

This is the point at which a mature, intelligent, intellectually curious adult would respond, debating the merits of a variety of Constitutional interpretation methods right?


[11:13] ImNobody: MWHAHAHAHWHWHA
[11:13] ImNobody: Sorry.
[11:13] ImNobody: I couldn't help myself.
[11:13] Roommate: Going to NoSchool may be the ONLY thing we have in common!

I will not be deterred. However, Roommate is nothing if not patient:

[11:14] Roommate: what the hell is the point of amending it if its living? OH wait..I know:
[11:14] Roommate
: "they intended it to be constant/not-living at the time of enactment, but we know its living, so we need not interpret it that way now"
[11:14] ImNobody:
I'm going to make a Bride of Constitution
[11:14] ImNobody:
Return of Constitution
[11:14] ImNobody:
Constitution: Night of the Living Constitution.
[11:17] ImNobody:
it would be perfect.
[11:17] ImNobody: ....I'm sorry, I'm still obsessed with the idea of a Frankenstein constitution
[11:18] Roommate:
it would be hard to read with all the stitches on it.
[11:19] ImNobody:

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