Sunday, October 19, 2008

Law School Roundup #143

Welcome to Law School Roundup #143, the with-love-from-Joe-the-Plumber Edition...

Here's this week's collection of interesting posts from law students current, impending and recovering:

But I'm Charming! Some BigLaw hope for those of us who are better at cocktails than Contracts (The Shark)

It Might Be One of the Plagues: Sometimes, the great outdoors just insists upon coming in, and it's gross. (Laughing: with or at you)

Pulp Fiction: It was a night like any other night, in this gritty town....(the Rising Jurist)

The Passing Lane is on the Left: A letter to joggers- move it or lose it. (Anonymous Law Student)

Love Notes: To the assorted mess, law students and idiots included (categories are not mutually exclusive (legally blonde ambition)

Ew: Just because there's a loophole doesn't mean you should use it (butterflyfish)

Name Calling: The little one's got some sass in him (Mommy on the Floor)

"It's an idiot on a scooter at night, it's got to be Gob": Scooter guy, watch your back. (In It But Not Of It)

Options: See? There's lots you can do with a law degree! (Virgin in the Volcano)

And ttttthaat's all, folks. Get your act together on those outlines.

Look for next week's roundup at the Legal Underground, and then back here again in 2 weeks. If you want to be added to the blog roll, but don't see yourself up there, shoot me an email and we'll get you on the wall of dis-honor.



Anonymous said...

What's up with all the "open letters" during this roundup? Is it because they're considered "funny"?

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